Russia-One Step Closer to Going Nuclear

Russia-One Step Closer to Going Nuclear

America's Voice Admin
May 16, 2022

In a news report being published today in a reputable British newspaper, it is being reported that Vladimir Putin has moved nuclear weapons to the borders of Finland and Sweden.

To reinforce this frightening development, it is also being reported that the Russian Army is retreating from the borders of Finland and Sweden.

Some American news outlets have published reports that Russia has lost 1/3 of its fighting force in the Ukrainian war in the past several days. Most news outlets globally have reported that Russia has had some 20,000 Army soldiers killed or wounded in Ukraine.

These reports of Russia losing 1/3 of its ground forces would be in direct conflict with most all military publications, which put Putin’s available active-duty forces at over one-million troops and over 22,000 tanks at his disposal. While losing 20,000 soldiers is tragic for Russia, it is not near 1/3 of his fighting forces.

In addition, Russia possesses some 80 warships and submarines, thousands of fighter jets, bombers, and attack helicopters which Putin has yet to utilize for his Ukraine endeavor. 

For many years, Putin left Ukraine alone as long as they did not threaten to join NATO. When they announced that they were applying to join NATO is when Russia moved into Ukraine. In recent days both Finland and Sweden announced they too wanted to join NATO. Putin said the same thing to both nations, “do not join NATO.” 

The goal for Vladimir Putin is he doesn’t want NATO forces on his border. It would be no different for America if China and Mexico announced they were putting Chinese troops and missiles at the border of Del Rio, Texas. America would not be very welcoming of this development.

If Vladimir Putin does decide to intervene in Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO, this will become a vastly different situation in Europe. If Putin attacked these two allied nations even though they are not yet members of NATO, it would likely be the beginning of WWIII.

We can only pray that cooler heads prevail in these latest developments. 


By Ken Crow

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