Russia-China-ET-Who or What Are We Shooting Down?

Russia-China-ET-Who or What Are We Shooting Down?

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February 14, 2023

Other than Super Bowl LVII, probably the 'hottest' topic around the dinner table this past weekend was; What is it the Air Force keeps having to shoot down?

Late last week, the Biden Administration "finally" decided to shoot down the giant white balloon carrying "God only knows what" beneath it once it crossed South Carolina into the Atlantic Ocean. 

This was only after it had crossed Alaska, into Canada, then Montana, South Dakota, Missouri, and Tennessee, finalizing its cross-country trek off the South Carolina coastline where it met its demise.

The Biden Administration for days faded an enormous backlash from elected officials (as well the public) for the White House's inaction, particularly after it was discovered that it was, in fact, a Chinese balloon and was crossing over many military and missile locations. 

On the heels of the "Big White Balloon" debacle, the next thing to come was "unidentified objects" over Alaska, then the Canadian Yukon, then Montana again, and lastly, over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. 

Joe Biden ordered the Alaskan "Unidentified Object" shot down, then with the Canadian Prime Minister requesting assistance, ordered the Yukon "Unidentified Object" be terminated, then on Saturday, the same once the "UFO" crossed over water on Lake Huron just east of the State of Michigan. 

For a time, the "UFO" over Montana had the FAA shut down all airspace over Northern Montana near the town of Havre close to the Canadian Border.

The White House said that in all instances, these "UFOs" posed an immediate danger as they were at approximately 40,000 feet elevation, which is within the parameters of commercial air traffic. This was the reason for the shootdowns. 

We know that it was a giant Chinese Balloon that traversed the United States last week. However, with this rash of other intercepts and shootdowns, the Pentagon, White House, and NORAD will only claim they are "Unidentified Objects?" So what are they? This seems to be the question that all of America is asking.

When General Glen VanHerck (the Commander of NORAD and our Northern Command) was questioned, he too would only claim "Unidentified Objects." When asked; if they could be extraterrestrial, he said, I am not ruling anything out

It is interesting that our government will not be more specific and provide photographic evidence or video of "what was shot down" over Alaska, the Yukon, or Lake Huron. It is also troubling to many Americans that they keep using the verbiage "Unidentified Object" rather than a "drone, balloon, actual ET type of flying saucer or Russian spy plane." It is the total lack of information that is troubling most American citizens. 

It is also troubling when wondering about the Lake Michigan/Huron UFO incident. How did it get that far inland without being detected? Did it cross from Canada, and if so, why didn't NORAD pick it up long before it made it as far South or East as it did? 

To further dive into this mystery, the pilots who shot down the "vehicle or UFO" over Northern Alaska claimed that the object caused them issues with their "sensors" onboard their fighter jets. How does a balloon cause high-tech equipment to malfunction on multiple fighter aircraft?  

The story that has been scrubbed from the Internet was posted on Saturday regarding the "UFO" over the Yukon. That particular UFO had been tracked early on, traveling at speeds upwards of Mach 6. Now the story is gone, but if it is true, keep this in mind. We have nothing that can travel at those speeds within the earth's atmosphere. Missiles do not even travel that fast.

What are these objects we keep shooting down? Are they from another solar system? Are they advanced Chinese drones being tested? Are they Russian drones or new hypersonic technology? Ultimately the truth will come out; let us all hope we don't have an "Interstellar War" before then. However, if we do, we do have our UFO at Area 51, and we can call Will Smith to save us.

By RAV contibutor, Ken Crow


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