Our Border Crisis Persists

Our Border Crisis Persists

America's Voice Admin
September 28, 2022

Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris told Chuck Todd that the southern border was secure and a priority.  Through any lens, that is a lie. Not a little lie, but a very big lie.

Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, picked up the ball and ran with it but just couldn’t make that first down. She’s pushing the Democrat narrative, saying that 2 million people openly walking across our border this past year is Trump’s fault and the result of Republican obstruction. How can you have Republican obstruction with Democrats in charge of the White House, the House, and the Senate? Then again, this is the same woman who said earlier this month that no one was “just walking across the border,” which is precisely what is happening.

On top of the two million illegal immigrants already in the United States, there are at least 500,000 thousand “got-aways,” and that’s just the ones we know about.  267,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the border since January of 2021. 11,395 minors were apprehended in August alone. In July, there was an average of 1,363 minors a day. Many of these minors are so young they are unable to provide names and phone numbers of family members according to border patrol agents.

Recently, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, sent 50 illegal immigrants to the wealthy enclave of Martha’s Vineyard. This caused liberal head explosions en masse. You’ve got virtue signalers like Keith Obermann calling DeSantis’ move “human trafficking” and calling on everyone involved, including the videographer, who taped the arrival of the immigrants, to be charged and arrested, which is beyond histrionic and incongruous. Let’s not forget Biden’s midnight plane rides all over the country, dropping off illegal immigrants everywhere and anywhere, to just slip into the night unnoticed. Joe Biden, the human trafficker.

Sending 50 migrants to the playground of the rich and famous is hardly human trafficking, which is what is actually transpiring at the border.  

According to a report released by the DHS, at least 3,000 illegal immigrants have died this year, crossing the border into the US. 19,000 search and rescues have been conducted by Border Patrol agents. We need 87,000 more border patrol agents, not IRS agents.

While Texas and Arizona have been weathering this crisis for almost two years now, the mainstream media has remained woefully silent on the issue. That is until Republican governors began check-mating the liberals in charge of “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states” by bussing the issue to their doorsteps.  

Instead of showing up at the border, where thousands of illegal immigrants cross every single day, the media has chosen to land on the posh island of Martha’s Vineyard to report on the 50, (yes, five-zero), illegal immigrants deposited there by DeSantis. 

The population of Martha’s Vineyard is 17,000 as compared to Del Rio, TX, with a population of 34,584 which currently has 49,600 illegals inundating and overrunning their town and resources. Eagle Pass TX, which is ground zero for crossings, has a population of 28,130.  Sometimes 500 or more are crossing over into Eagle Pass in a matter of a couple of hours.  

Martha’s Vineyard has made it clear that 50 illegal immigrants are a crisis to their town of 17,000.  

Last week, the classified section of the Vineyard Gazette unbelievably posted over 50 job listings, including laborers, landscapers, cooks, custodians, dishwashers, and the like. Residents there sent the 50 away faster than you can say “all are welcome.” They were off the sacred island within 24 hours. That gave them plenty of time to posture love and tolerance and send them off to military barracks with a tearful goodbye, after posting on social, of course.

Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t get rid of those immigrants fast enough. Every single resident on that island that has called themselves tolerant, loving, and a supporter of sanctuary cities should be ashamed and called out. All are not welcome apparently.  Your town, not mine.

In September, 9,400 illegal immigrants have been bussed to Washington DC, 11,000 to New York City, and 500 to Chicago, causing the sanctimonious and insincere mayors of those cities to fall apart in outrage and disgust. 1,946,780 illegal immigrants have come through the southern border this fiscal year alone. That’s a far cry from the measly numbers these sanctuary mayors are having to deal with.  

An estimated 4 million people will have crossed our border in the two years that Biden has been at the helm. Fentanyl is now the number one killer of young people, and that list just keeps getting longer. Let’s not forget that this calamity begins and ends with Joe Biden and the border Czar, Kamala Harris, neither of whom have even visited the border. Kamala “showed up” 800 miles away from where the crisis is actually happening, had her photo op, and promptly left.

The hyperbole that has followed fraught attempts by the governors on the front lines of this issue, to call attention to the true crisis and national security threat taking place hourly on our southern border, is negligent on the part of Democrats and their coconspirators in the media. 

The insufferable Gavin Newsome is calling for pressing charges against the governors of TX and AZ for kidnapping. Perhaps Governor Tiresome should spend more time focusing on his own state, which is completely falling apart and experiencing a mass exodus of businesses and residents to other, more tolerant states.

Clearly, this issue needed to be taken to the doorsteps of those who insist the border is secure and welcome all illegal immigrants to their “sanctuary.”  Unfortunately, these Republican governors did not do so sooner.

By Victoria Norcross


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