November 8th IS Going To Be an Epic Disaster for Democrats

November 8th IS Going To Be an Epic Disaster for Democrats

America's Voice Admin
November 2, 2022

As the Democrat prognosticator James Carville infamously said, "It's the economy, stupid."  

With Saudi Arabia and OPEC agreeing to a 2-million barrel per day cut in oil production, we just thought oil prices were high earlier this year. With this cut and Biden's shift from energy independence (which we had under President Trump), gasoline and diesel prices are poised to skyrocket.

As Americans know too well, as goes oil, so goes our economy. Oil and the pricing that goes with it drive the economy. If oil goes up, so does shipping. Everything in our homes and businesses has been transported by a tractor-trailer. Be it your broccoli at the grocery store, the ground beef at the meat counter, a desk, a bed, a television, or the clothing on your back, all were transported to their final destination by a truck. And these trucks all run on diesel.

States such as New Hampshire, Connecticut, and even New York are now seeing Republican candidates (who were once massive underdogs) poised to win seats in the Senate, Governorships, and Congress. How is this possible, we wonder? Because (and we're back to oil) many of these areas now have "heating oil" rationed due to significant shortages. Massachusetts, for instance, is already rationing heating oil as citizens light up their furnaces as temperatures begin to dip.

Americans have not "bought" into Joe's talking points that "Russia" is the reason for the massive shift in our energy situation. They know full well that this is all Biden and the Green Environmentalist causing the pain we're facing at the pump, plus what is driving inflation. 

To add to the Democrat's "Waterloo" on November 8th, a recent poll by CIVIQS has some 77% of America believing that our economy has reached the sewer level (err-very bad).

With one week left before the mid-terms and gasoline again rising at the pump, the Democrats are facing all but certain doom. 

When one stops to think about it for a moment, what did the Democrats, in reality, have that was or is positive to run on? They can't run on the economy for it is truly stagnating now, and we are entering a monster recession. This fact is nearly indisputable amongst most economists. Biden cannot campaign for candidates on border security, which is a top three issue for most voters. 

The administration can't campaign on foreign policy achievements as we are on the brink of WWIII and everyone on planet earth know that is a reality. Congressional candidates are powerless to campaign on job creation because the fact is, the only jobs being filled are those which were lost during the pandemic. Nothing new is being created. 

Education is another hot point amongst voters. With the WOKE agenda being pushed, this has nearly every grizzly bear mama and daddy in the United States fuming angry. Then we have Biden, Beto O'Rourke, and a host of others threatening our guns. 

If anything has been proven this election cycle, it is this; America is not ready for a far leftist/socialist United States. And the night of November 8th will prove this out. 

By: Ken Crow