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December 3, 2021

“In one way after another, the Biden administration is failing the American people”

Washington, DC/December 2, 2021 — The Real America’s Voice Network aired an exclusive interview with former Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday afternoon. 

Conducted by The Water Cooler host David Brody, the wide-ranging discussion covered a variety of subjects, including the 2020 election and questions about its integrity, the events of January 6th, abortion, and what the future has in store for the former Vice President. 

Pence on abortion and the Supreme Court

“I truly believe that this is a moment of extraordinary promise for the American people. It’s been nearly 50 years in the making.”

“When the Supreme Court made the decision in Roe v. Wade in 1973, most legal scholars understand that that the recognition of a right to an abortion in the Constitution of the United States was manufactured out of whole cloth, and it represented a massive intervention into state policies, but in the time since then we’ve seen a consistent march across this country toward the right to life.”

“I truly believe that, with the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court of the United States, we have a profound opportunity to have a new beginning for life, and I remain very hopeful that not only Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Alito, but the three justices that our administration appointed will see their way clear and recognize that to uphold the Mississippi law, by definition I believe, would necessitate that they overturn the essence of Roe v. Wade and return this issue to the states and the American people.” 

“President Joe Biden is leading the most pro-abortion administration in American history, which sadly follows the most pro-life administration in American history. To look at Joe Biden’s career in the Senate, where for decades he supported the Hyde Amendment, which bans taxpayer funding of abortion, and now to see his administration proposing and supporting an overturning of the Hyde Amendment… I think is a betrayal of aspects of his career that were admirable but have now been set aside as he does the bidding of the radical left that’s in charge in the House and in the United States Senate.” 

Pence on the Biden administration

“The American people see this administration for what it is, whether it be the open borders, the worst crisis on our border in American history, whether it be inflation at a 30-year high, supply chain crises, or the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, in one way after another the Biden administration is failing the American people.” 

Pence on January 6t, 2020, and election integrity 

“For me, January 6th was a tragic day. Thanks to the efforts of law enforcement, we quelled the violence we ended the riot, but on that same day we reconvened the Congress and finished our work under the Constitution of the United States and the laws of this country.”

“It’s not say that there weren’t irregularities in the election — on January 6th I said that I believed there were irregularities about which I was concerned, and I wanted them to have a fair hearing before the Congress — but from the founding of this nation forward it’s been well established that elections are to be governed at the state level and that the only role the Congress has is to open and count the electoral votes that are submitted by states across the country, no more and no less than that.”

“And you know in January 2017 I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The Bible says in Psalm 15 that, ‘he keeps his oath even when it hurts,’ and on that day I could relate to that sentiment, but I wanted to keep my oath to the Constitution regardless of the concerns that I’m glad to see many states addressing now.” 

“There were states across the country that conducted their elections outside of how the state legislatures had approved them, and I truly believe that was properly reviewed in the courts and ultimately was passed on, but I think it’s extremely important in the days head that we continue this movement to pass election reforms, to restore public confidence in the integrity of our elections.” 

“At the end of the day, the last thing that you would ever want is for our elections to be managed in Washington, DC. The founders of this nation debated that at the Constitutional Convention, David, and they rejected it. They thought the best way to ensure the greatest integrity in elections was to have elections governed at the state level. And this year you’ve seen Nancy Pelosi attempt to move legislation that would nationalize our elections.”

Pence on possible future electoral plans

“Right now, my focus is entirely on doing everything in my power to support the conservative cause and win back the Congress and statehouses all across this country in 2022. We’ll let the future take care of itself after that, and I promise to keep you posted.”

“I think every American who like me is heartsick over the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, who recoils from the open borders, the crisis at our southern border, who sees supply chain issues and rising prices at the grocery store, now more than ever we need every American to be focused on electing men and women at the state level and in Congress who will begin the process of turning this country around, and then in the years ahead I’m confident… that our party and our movement will choose the right leaders and the right voices to make our country strong and great once again."




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