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    WATCH America’s Voice Live everyday M-F @ 2pm EST with hosts Amanda Head and Dave Sussman

    WATCH America’s Voice Live Daily M-F at 2:00 PM ET with hosts Amanda Head and Dave Sussman! TODAY BIG BREAKING NEWS – Schiff Drops His Scampeachment Report! House to Vote on it Today – Kamala Harris DROPS OUT of 2020 Race – Trump is in UK for NATO Summit – Calls Schiff a Maniac and Liar! Great Clips From Meetings with NATO Secretary General, French President Macron and Canadian PM Trudeau – GOP Drops 123 Page Report Rebutting Scampeachment! We Have Guests Don Buckner, Founder of Made in America, and Grammy Winning Artist Kaya Jones Debuting Her New Christmas Song! All the BEST Live Breaking News, Great Guests and More Because America's Voice is YOUR Voice! If You Miss Us Live, Download Our Apps: Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, IOS, Android or at!

    Posted by America's Voice News on Tuesday, December 3, 2019