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Trump Abruptly Escorted from White House Briefing After Shots Fired Nearby

U.S. President Donald Trump was abruptly escorted from a White House media briefing Monday afternoon by a U.S. Secret Service agent because of a...

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Trump Says Party Acceptance Speech Likely at White House or Gettysburg

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced he is likely to give the acceptance speech for his party’s nomination at either the White House or 115...

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The Democrat’s Biden Problem

President Trump has had to deal with a dishonest media, Deep State scandal, a pandemic that shut down the economy and yet he still...

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White House Open to More Coronavirus Aid Talks 

The White House signaled Monday it is open to more negotiations with opposition Democrats on a coronavirus aid package and willing to spend more...

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Naturalized Americans Flex Growing Electoral Clout

Brenda Cienfuegos recently became a U.S. citizen and is eager to exercise her new rights as an American. She says voting gives Latinos like...

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