Left-wing Lunacy September 2022

Left-wing Lunacy September 2022

America's Voice Admin
October 3, 2022

Left-wing lunacy continued into September 2022 as 50 illegal immigrants were sent to the liberal haven of Martha’s Vineyard.  Oh, how compassionate are liberals to respond by declaring the 50 illegal aliens a “humanitarian” crisis, activating 150 National Guard soldiers, and forcing them to leave within 24 hours?  These liberals will not welcome 50 illegal aliens in their liberal haven but say over 2 million should be allowed into border towns, and anyone opposing it is a racist.  Ok, Sure. Got it!  Let us not forget Biden sent 70 flights of illegal aliens to Florida and flew 500,000 to communities throughout America rather than enforcing the law.

Kamala Harris lies through her teeth saying the border is “secure” as more illegal aliens arrive at her Washington DC home.  Then Harris accuses those who sent them there of a “dereliction of duty”.  The only “dereliction of duty” is saying the border is “secure” and Biden still never going to the wall in his 50 years in public office.

Dept. of Homeland Security reports that Venezuela is emptying its prisons and sending those criminals to the Southern border.

A sex predator, which has been deported three times, has 21 cases against him for assault and sexual-related crimes terrorizing women and girls and female joggers on a Virginia trail.

Illegal immigrant arrested in Kansas for sexually abusing children.

Mother was beheaded in California by an illegal immigrant.

Two illegal immigrants kill deputies in North Carolina.

Deputy in Colorado was killed by an illegal immigrant.

Illegal immigrant arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl.

A teen who had been a victim of sex trafficking was ordered to pay $150,000 to the family of the rapist she killed.

Two separate men out on bail for murder kill a Deputy Sheriff in Houston.

A new law in Illinois allows no bail for second-degree murder, drug-induced homicide, aggravated battery, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, intimidation, aggravated DUI and aggravated fleeing of an officer.  Liberal states will have only crime as there is no punishment.

Wisconsin man kills ex-girlfriend after being released on bail following child sex crime guilty plea.

Did Biden incite violence against Republicans?

In Kentucky, a mayor was assaulted and a Republican shot by a Democrat.

Democrat murders 84-year-old pro-life woman campaigning against a pro-abortion ballot measure in Michigan.

Democrat in Las Vegas kills reporter who exposed him.  No media coverage from the same Fake News who were trying to blame Trump for inciting Americans against the media.  Had this Democrat been a Republican, it would have been front story news; but because he is a Democrat, crickets.

Teen Republicans ran over and killed by a Democrat in Nebraska. Then the Democrat was released on bail and is walking free.

Indiana woman arrested for bringing 400 ballots with democrat candidates premarked.

Four County Commissioners in Texas were arrested for Mail-In Voter Fraud.

From Ashley Biden’s diary, it is revealed Joe Biden was taking showers with his 12-year-old daughter while he was in his 30s.

California has now banned gas furnaces and water heaters by 2030.

New York passes a bill allowing “abortion” up to 28 days AFTER birth.  You can kill a child after birth and no investigation.

Over 100 FBI whistleblowers have come forward to reveal and expose how the FBI has become a political arm of the Democrat party.

We have learned the FBI spied on Trump, fabricated evidence, framed him for treason, lied about all of it, has never been held accountable, and is still trying to finish what they started.

Guess who made an executive order that granted the president broad authority to declassify documents?  Barack Obama

FBI seized Trump’s medical records, tax records, Attorney client privilege records.

FBI raided a guy that sells pillows but ignored the guy who filmed himself smoking and buying crack.

From the Durham investigation: After the FBI caught Igor Danchenko in several lies, they hired Danchenko as a “paid confidential human source” FBI informant for the Fake Trump-Russian collusion lie that we heard about for years. 

We will be hearing a lot about Eric Hoar over the next year as he is now a whistleblower from Capitol Police Intelligence stating the Capitol Police knew of other Anti-Trump groups who were pre-planning the attack on the Capitol and still there was a rejection from the Trump Pentagon to send National Guard troops to assist Capitol Police.  We should ask Nancy Pelosi why she and others knowing the intelligence rejected the National Guard troops.

Freedom of Information Act reveals dozens of phone calls between Ray Epps and the office of Nancy Pelosi.

Photo emerges of Federal Agent Ray Epps, who was wearing Trump garb on Jan 6 and directing protestors to go into the Capital, with Antifa organizer John Sullivan, who was also wearing Trump garb and videoed protestors inside the Capital, selling his video to CNN.  It will be interesting to have real hearings on what happened on Jan 6.

New York Post reported FBI agent Timothy Thibault hid intel from whistleblower Tony Bobulinski on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

Biden is actively draining the Strategic Oil Reserve to manipulate voters with lower gas prices before the election, which will rise again as soon as the election is over.  Now Biden will pay $80 per barrel to fill Strategic Oil Reserve, but just two years ago Democrats blocked filling Reserves at $24 per barrel.

Inflation was 1.4 % when Biden was placed into office and now climbs to 8.3% with Americans paying an average of $500 more per month as inflation spikes in groceries (13.5%), Energy (15.8%), and Health Care (24.3%).  Yet, Biden and the Democrats celebrated as the stock market fell nearly 1300 points in one day! 

Get ready for more food shortages as a rail strike is underway. 

Oregon Dept. of Education is spending $229,000 per student on the pre-schooler program.

California will now allow and pay for minors from other states to come and transition to another sex without their parent's consent.

Poll shows 1 in 5 Democrat men believing men can get pregnant. 

California school library is offering students the material on orgies.

Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction has created a guide for “gender expansive” PRESCHOOLERS with books about trans-toddlers.

Democrat Adam Schiff used taxpayers’ money to settle a sexual harassment claim with a 19-year-old man.

Vermont high school bans girls from their locker room and is charged with “harassment and bullying” after voicing concerns about a male athlete using their locker room as a girl.

Air Force Academy tells cadets to no longer use “mom” and “dad” but must use terms that “include all genders”.

Two separate doctors claim 100+ members of Congress treated Covid with Ivermectin while trying to mandate all Americans to get vaccinated.  Hmm?

Since the vaccines, Americans have seen a 279% spike in miscarriages, 487% spike in breast cancer, 269% spike in myocardial infection, 468% spike in pulmonary embolism, 437% spike in ovarian dysfunction, and 680% spike in multiple sclerosis. 

Children in the UK between 5-11 are no longer required to take vaccines after developmental side effects are discovered in children.

Thought to ponder:

Democrats vote for adding 87,000 IRS agents while voting against adding 18,000 Border Patrol agents.

What is the difference between California and the Titanic?  The Titanic had lights on when it sank.

We live in a world where your kid cannot pretend to be an Indian, but a grown man can pretend to be a woman.

“I see people rushing to fill up their cars for this hurricane at the gas station.  This wouldn’t be an issue if they had electric cars.  If the power is out for a week how are they going to get gas?” - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

If you didn’t know about any of these stories, chances are you watch “Fake News” and that is just some of the Left-wing lunacy for September 2022.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.  He can be emailed at mantecarepublicans@yahoo.com

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