Left-wing Lunacy August 2022

Left-wing Lunacy August 2022

America's Voice Admin
September 5, 2022

Left wing lunacy continued into August 2022 with a political raid on President Trump’s residence to see what Trump had … on them … as well as what they could find to potentially use against Trump to prevent his presidency run in 2024 disguised as a raid for National Archives.  The Trump warrant by the DOJ and conducted by the FBI violated the overbreadth doctrine of the 4th Amendment requirement.  The DOJ failed their ethical obligations and the FBI violated Trump’s Constitutional rights with an illegal seizure.

The lawless search of President Trump’s estate for documents is unlawful since a president, under Article II, Section 1 states he is the executive branch, and can declassify whatever he feels is necessary.  The irony of attempting to charge Trump with espionage is that our own FBI has spied on him for six years!

Court records reveal the FBI agents assigned to raid Trump’s estate were also assigned to the criminal investigation on January 6 at the Capitol and were actively under investigation by Special Counsel John Durham for abusing their power during the Russian Hoax.

The Judge, Bruce Reinhart, is not even an Article III Judge and is an Obama donor who didn’t like Trump.  He was an attorney defending Jeffrey Epstien, who used his island resort to raped and tortured children with what is assumed a client list of many politicians and celebrities.  Yet, the FBI did nothing and the list has been kept a secret.

During the raid, the FBI revealed that Trump was housing a private server at Mar-a-Lago and hired close associates to wipe it clean with bleach bit computer software with broken hard drives.  The FBI was able to obtain government phones with the sim cards missing and the phones were damaged from someone hitting them with a hammer to prevent evidence from being discovered.  Oh wait….  That was Hillary Clinton.  My mistake, that was the raid that didn’t happen since the FBI was originally working with Hillary against Trump.

This is the same FBI that pushed the Russian Hoax, Spied on law abiding Americans, lied to a FISA Court, ignored Hillary’s server, ignored Biden’s family criminal activities, persecutes journalist at Project Veritas who investigates fraud, Treats J6 trespassers like terrorists, and goes after PTA moms.

Nancy Pelosi claims no one is above the law.  True, except if you are a Democrat! Paul Pelosi commits felony DUI and gets no jail time.  Nancy and Paul make millions through insider trading.  Did the FBI ever confiscate Nancy Pelosi’s phone after she refused National Guard protection on Jan 6?  Has the FBI seized the cell phones of any of the 2,000 Mules who committed voter fraud? 

What other Democrats are above the law and not raided by the FBI?  That list includes Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Lois Lerner, Supreme Court leakers, Eric Holder, Ilhan Omar, Sandy Berger and Eric Swalwell, who still sits on the House Intelligence Committee after being caught is a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy.

Did the FBI go after President Obama who took 30 million pages of documents from the White House to Chicago?  Will the FBI be searching Martha’s Vineyard?

The FBI didn’t go after Joe Biden, the “Big Guy” revealed in emails or Hunter for his laptop or Pelosi’s insider trading or the Clintons for multiple crimes (7 email chains of highly classified) or Epstein’s client list, the FBI went after Trump since he promised to expose them all. 

If you get arrested while burning down cities during riots and put in jail, you get bail paid by Kamala Harris funding. 

Now the FBI was at Mar-a-Lago in January and June working with Trump attorneys and had the documents secured.  So why weren’t they taken back at that time?  Why did the FBI go through Melania wardrobe?  FBI seized attorney-client privilege material and Trump’s passports.  When Trump stated his passports were missing, the Democrat media said Trump was lying until the passports were returned.  The DOJ then admit “improper conduct” with the FBI acting outside of their legal scope during the Trump raid at Mar-a-Lago.

20 FBI Agents have come forward as whistleblowers that the FBI has been politicized.

So Trump released the warrant and the DOJ is refusing to release the affidavit.

If President Trump was such a threat to national security, why did Merrick Garland and the FBI wait 92 days before the midterm elections and nearly 2 years since Trump left office to suddenly conduct a search on his property?

Trump wants full transparency of the warrant and affidavit against the illegal and political search of his home and the Democrats’ DOJ and FBI are trying to hide everything from the people.

The DOJ does not want the affidavit released because what they did was criminal like the KGB using their secret police to take out their political opponents.

Did the FBI ever find and arrest the FBI agents who welcomed Trump supporters into the Capitol building, or are we still pretending the “insurrection” wasn’t entrapment from our DOJ?  - Candace Owens

The Democrats have a history of weaponizing the government against conservatives.  Remember Lois Learner, the Director of the IRS who targeted conservative groups?  Well now the IRS has 87,000 new agents at a cost to the taxpayers of $80 billion to use to target Americans with audits and guns to go after the “little guy” thanks to Democrats passing the “Inflation Reduction Act”, which has nothing to do with reducing inflation.  230 economists call it ‘economic malpractice’ that will actually bring more inflation while we are in a recession.  Democrats use cute names like the Inflation Reduction Act to fool low information voters to believe it actually reduces inflation.  With more spending on Democrat pet projects, all Americans will be paying more in federal taxes with the IRS collecting every cent.  Even former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama said you never raise taxes during a recession. Expect our economy to get worse in the coming months.

Then Biden decided to cancel debt on student loans even though 87% of Americans don’t have student loans or already worked hard to pay off their student loans.  Where in the US Constitution does it say a president can cancel student loans?  So an industry worker or a trucker now has to pay an average of $2,000 in additional debt according to CNBC so the student loans of a rich lawyer can be paid.  This is the Democrats attempting to buy votes for the election on the dime of other Americans.

The policies of the student loan pay off and the Inflation Reduction Act will both cause more inflation and the recession is about to get worse as more Americas will suffer due to high inflation.

Our economy has the worst inflation in a half century, the worse energy crisis in a half century, and the worst and bloodiest crime crisis maybe ever.  We are in a recession.  Who in their right mind raises taxes in a recession?

As Inflation price on food surges 13.1 percent, Joe Biden still claims we have 0 inflation. If we have 0 inflation, what was the purpose of the “Inflation Reduction Act”?

Republicans introduce bill restricting IRS audits on Americans making less than $400,000 and every Democrat voted against it; but Democrats did exempt themselves (congress) and their staffers from any IRS audits.

Congress won’t allow the Inspector General to tract billions sent to Ukraine; but they will hire 87,000 IRS agents to track all American’s transactions.

The IRS will become one of the biggest agencies in the country, larger than the FBI, Border Patrol, State Dept., and Pentagon combined.

Of course the Democrats would not hire 87,000 Border Patrol agents to track the 5 million illegal aliens who have already entered America since Biden was put into office.  How about we hire 87,000 homeless veterans as security guards for our schools

Retired Border Agent slams Department of Homeland Security for lying about the border.

Biden is finally building a wall, just not the wall for the border but a wall around his pricey Delaware beach house with the funds of – you guessed it – the taxpayers!

Biden has visited his Delaware home over 50 times since he was installed into the Oval Officer; yet still has never visited the border.

New York and Washington D.C. mayors complain of illegal immigrants being bused there from Texas. They should complain to Biden about his refusal to enforce the border.

Illegal immigrants provided free luxury hotel rooms as they arrive in New York.

Illegal immigrant with conviction of raping a child and other sex offenders were nabbed by Border Patrol crossing the border.

Illegal immigrant gets less than 20 years for murdering a man off coast of Massachusetts.  Had he been in California or New York, he would have received less than that.

Fentanyl seizures at the southern border have jumped over 200 percent.

Colorado has already seized more fentanyl in 2022 than all previous years combined.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon continues to release murderers back to the streets of Los Angeles.

Texas man gets out on bond after shooting another man, and then kills another individual.

New York thug, who was released from prison for rape, released again after attempted murder charge.

You can no longer use the word “inmate” at New York prisons.

Brittney Griner receives 9 years in a Russian prison for drug charges.  She is the same one who said, “I honestly feel we should not play the national anthem during our season.  I think we should take that much of a stand.  I’m going to protest regardless.  I’m not going to be out here for the national anthem.”  Guess what?  You got your wish!

It was revealed the FBI, which has become the arm of the Democrat party, told Facebook to conspire with them and restrict and block the Hunter Biden laptop story from the public just before the 2020 election.  The FBI claimed it was Russian propaganda even though the FBI had the laptop and knew it was not.  The FBI continues to engage in election interference to benefit the Democrat party.  The irony is the role of the FBI is to secure election integrity, to make sure nothing interferes with the election.  Yet, the FBI used their power to create interference. 

Hallie Biden tweets, “Amid all of the recent drama and scandals surrounding my ex Hunter, I just wanted to say that I am officially coming out as a Donald Trump supporting Republican + am ready to tell my truth – whatever it takes. I know things about that laptop and family that will shock the public.”

Then you have the Ashley Biden diary story.  If you didn’t hear about this story, the Democrat media also tried to hide it.  Two individuals, who had possession of Ashley Biden’s diary, were arrested by the FBI, for trying to sell the diary.  Now, the elements of the diary allegedly states that she was mentally affected that her father, Joe Biden would shower with her when she was younger.  No wonder Joe Biden has a nickname of “Creepy Joe”.

Speaking of covering for creepy people, Twitter bans the word “groomers” but allows “MAP” (Minor Attracted People, who are really pedophiles)

80 year old grandmother banned from the Port Townsend, Washington YMCA after demanding a biological man leave the woman’s locker room. 

Teacher’s union promotes method for teachers to help kids change their pronouns without parents knowing.

Yale professor claims 3-year olds can begin “gender journey”.  This shows you can have an education and still be an idiot.

Gay pride event has children with nearly nude women sliding on stripper poles.

4 year old girl announces, “I’m a boy” at gay event.

California Dept. of Education recommended reading list that promotes gender transitioning books for kindergarteners and students kneeling during the national anthem for high school.

Pro ANTIFA California teacher given 3 years worth of salary to resign after identified indoctrinating students and giving extra credit to attend ANTIFA rallies and protests.

Minnesota teacher’s union agreement stipulates White teachers must be laid off first, regardless of seniority.

The Bible has been removed from a Texas school library as “hate speech”.

New Jersey school district removes Thomas Jefferson from the school name.

NPR News claims the flag; “Don’t Tread On Me” is a symbol for far-right extremist ideology.

Los Angeles disqualifies recall ballots against District Attorney George Gaston with claims 30 percent of the signatures were invalid; but yet want Americans to believe anyone can vote with no voter identification and therefore our elections don’t have voter fraud in liberal states like California.

20 individuals arrested for Voter Fraud in Florida.

We hear nothing from the Democrat controlled media about fentanyl, which has killed four times the number of Americans than Covid in the past year.

Biden tests positive for COVID for the third time despite being fully vaccinated with all the boosters.  Still, while with COVID, he breaks CDC rules of quarantine for a trip to Delaware. 

People lost their jobs for not taking the vaccines. They were ridiculed, mocked, and even fired.  People, and even doctors, were banned from social media for wanting freedom of choice.  Now the CDC has admitted those people were right all along that the vaccines provided no additional protection.

August 24, 2022: California announces a ban on gas-powered cars by 2035

August 30, 2022: California asks to avoid charging your electric car due to electrical shortages.  You just can’t make this stuff up

Remembering the one year anniversary of the Afghanistan debacles by Biden, we left more than $7 billion in military equipment according to the Inspector General Report.  Seems like Build Back Better really worked for terrorists that hate America.

Thought to ponder:  Every public school should have cameras in every classroom that parents can login to and watch and listen to their children and teachers.  If officers are held accountable with cameras, so should teachers with our children.

“Bibles aren’t allowed in schools anymore but are encouraged in prisons.  Perhaps if kids were allowed to read the Bible in school they wouldn’t end up in prison.” – Kid Rock

If you didn’t know about any of these stories, chances are you watch “Fake News” and that is just some of the Left-wing lunacy for August 2022.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.  He can be emailed at mantecarepublicans@yahoo.com

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