Is “WOKEISM” Winning?

Is “WOKEISM” Winning?

America's Voice Admin
July 7, 2022

You’re the parents of two beautiful children. Your ten-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter attend the same elementary school. 

Through a friend, you find out that your children are now being taught about transgender people and other sex ed classes at their school. Along with those classes, they’re also being taught Critical Race Theory (CRT). This now explains why your son came home from school in tears and wondering why he should be ashamed of being Caucasian.

In both fear and anger, you’ve decided to pull your children out of this school and homeschool them. For your efforts of attempting to protect the loves of your life, both your children are given failing grades for the year (and told they have to repeat the school year), and the School System has notified Child Protective Services that you’re an abusive and bad parent.

Think this scenario cannot happen? Think again~It is already happening in European nations, and as we know, besides gourmet food, hot sports cars, and fashion, Europe often the United States the latest in political correctness as well. 

In a recent news article, the story was about this very scene, and the parents of two boys in Portugal are now at risk of losing their sons (who happen to be straight-A students) because their parents dare to question the school about teaching the trans and CRT issues.

Remember last year? Joe Biden had directed the Attorney General to label parents who complained at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. He instructed the FBI to investigate citizens who question school boards and make them uncomfortable with their justified rage about these subjects being taught to their children. 

Is turning parents into Child Protective Services next? It certainly appears so. 

By: Ken Crow