Is Joe Biden’s Weakness Getting the United States Pushed Into a War With Russia ?

Is Joe Biden’s Weakness Getting the United States Pushed Into a War With Russia ?

America's Voice Admin
January 24, 2022

If you happen to be a “baby-boomer,” then you will undoubtedly remember your grade school years where you learned the terminology “duck and cover.” 

I’m guessing the Pentagon manufactured these short films depicting a siren blaring. Then you watched as a gigantic nuclear mushroom cloud rising on the horizon, then all the children would dive under their school desk and cover their heads (as if hiding under your desk would protect you from nuclear holocaust). 

As a boomer in America, you grew up hearing your parents discuss their fears of a nuclear war with Russia. We were forced to live with this dark cloud of dread hanging over our heads for decades until President Reagan managed to break the backs of the Russian Empire, which finally ended this fear that began during the Truman Administration.

When President Eisenhower was leaving office, he addressed the nation. One of the primary messages he wanted to convey to the American people was; “beware of the military-industrial complex.” Meaning Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Hughes Aircraft, etc.

Over the past few days, Tucker Carlson and his investigative team have been performing a stellar job in an attempt to make the citizens of the United States aware of what is transpiring between our mass media, White House, and the “war-hawks” on Capitol Hill. You can watch Tucker’s video below, but the bottom line is, there are many in Washington pushing Biden to war with Russia. 

Now would be an excellent time to take a closer look at what a war with Russia might be like. Many American’s seem to think we are the most powerful military on the planet. And in some respects, we are, but at what costs? Yes, we have thousands of nuclear rockets, but the truth is, if we use those, the enemy will launch theirs, and nobody wins. We all lose, and this has been a known fact for decades. Whenever you have thousands of nuclear missiles flying back and forth over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, it is a lose, lose situation for the entire globe. 

However, nuclear war over Ukraine is improbable. What is much more likely is that Biden falls prey to the Warhawks and Pentagon, and we end up sending shiploads of artillery, supplies, weapons, and personnel to assist NATO and Ukraine. So what happens now? Does Joe Biden actually believe that a war with Russia is a winnable situation? Is he really that stupid? 

Russia has already sent over 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border. Vladimir Putin has over 22,000 tanks. How many are on the Ukraine border is anyone’s guess, but it is likely numbering into the thousands if he is genuinely prepping for an invasion. In the United States arsenal, we have approximately 8,700 tanks. If we sent all our tanks from Ft. Hood in Texas, Okinawa, Japan, South Korea, Camp Pendelton in California, plus what NATO has, we still would fall far short of what Russia has. 

The one area where we do have superiority is in the air. The United States and NATO have a decent Air Force, but we are not that far ahead. America has a little over 1,800 fighter aircraft (approximately 25% are down for parts shortages and pilot issues), and Russia has a few over 1,300. Russia has over 800 attack helicopters in the theater, and we would have to begin shipping ours over, but they also outnumber us in that department. Quite substantially, in fact.

Troop strength is not even a contest. Russia has literally 2-3 times the ground forces we have, and that is before they call up their reserves. If we called up every national guardsman in our nation, plus active duty, we still would not have Russia’s forces. Keep in mind that we have tens of thousands of our ground troops stationed on the South Korean border with North Korea. We have troops in Japan, Germany, and many other nations. 

The point is this; the United States is substantial. There is no disputing that our technology is cutting edge, and some of our fighter jets, such as the F-35, are the latest in technology. However, we would likely lose many as the F-35 is slow compared to the F-15, of which Russia has hundreds that are very similar to our Eagles. Yes, the F-35 is stealthy in many ways, but it is by no means 100% stealth. 

The reality is this America. The Warhawks at Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, and all the rest would love nothing more than for us to go burn and destroy billions of dollars worth of military hardware so they could replace it all and earn huge profits. Generals at the Pentagon would love to do T.V. time and show off their racks of ribbons for the cameras. And lastly, Old Scranton Joe would love to be known as a victorious wartime President.

When analyzing the situation, the facts are that the United States would be inflicted with massive losses of life and the destruction of vast amounts of military hardware. The truth is, America would be severely depleted militarily, and we would not win. The best we can hope for is a truce, and Russia would end up keeping Ukraine anyway.

There is nobody that has more American pride and patriotism than I do. But the reality is reality. If you came to me and asked, “can we beat China in a ground war?” You will get the same answer. We remain free and don’t worry about being invaded for several reasons—one being that we do have a massive nuclear stockpile. The second is that most Americans do own guns. Thirdly, the enemy would have to transport vast amounts of artillery across two large oceans. Because of these reasons, we have remained unscathed when it comes to having modern warfare on our soil. 

I do hope that Jill, Hunter, the family German Shepherd, somebody gets to Old Joe and explains that this is a terrible idea threatening Vladimir Putin. For I can assure you, Putin is not playing and would likely relish the idea of America coming to play in the winter in Russia.

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