How and Why Joe Biden and the Progressives are Killing America

How and Why Joe Biden and the Progressives are Killing America

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July 25, 2022

Unless you have been stranded on a deserted South Seas island for the past two years with no Internet or phone service, then you have been witness to one of the fastest and most devastating attacks on our nation that we have ever been subjected to.

Remember when former President Barack Obama repeatedly stated in his 2008 campaign for the Presidency, "I will fundamentally transform America"?

We know a couple of truth's to be self-evident today. President Joe Biden is not who is in charge of the Oval Office. We know he is severely declining because of his rapidly diminishing mental capacity. This is not said to be cruel or disrespectful to the President, but we see and hear it daily in his steps and words. The President is frail and suffering from some sort of rampaging cognitive disorder.

Chasing a rabbit for a moment:

In 2010, acclaimed author and film producer Dinesh DSouza wrote a book titled "The Roots of Obama's Rage." He followed the book with a documentary film named "2016-Obama's America."

In 2004, Barack Obama wrote a book (basically about his life) titled "Dreams from My Father." This book gave great insight into the mindset of Obama for DSouza to write his book and produce his film about Barack Obama. 

In the end, Dinesh DSouza (after consulting with a Psychologist and much research) came to the conclusion that Obama was living out his father's desires and attempting to fulfill his father's dreams.

The next part is critical to what is happening today. 

Barack Obama's father was a native of Kenya. While I won't put him in the same category as Dr. Martin Luther King, he was similar to Kenya as King was to America or Gandhi was to India. He was a political activist who sought to get Kenya out from under the thumb of the British Monarchy. He hated Colonialists with a passion.

DSouza goes on in his film to describe how young Barack longed to have his fathers' approval who had abandoned his mother and him when he was relatively young. Barack Obama was trying to please his dead father by fulfilling his aspirations of the destruction of Colonialism (which America is largely a part of even today.) This is critical to today's events. 

Keep in mind that Obama was groomed in politics by Bill Ayers (who was an anti-American) and several other Socialist/Marxist activists throughout his young adulthood. 

All or nearly of these American-hating activists detest a couple of things about our nation. 

  • America is too prosperous. The American people have no appreciation for the poor living in squaller in Kenya. We don't do our part and must be stripped of our wealth to create global equality. 
  • America is a bully nation. We traverse the earth preaching and trying to force our religion and our democratic beliefs on everyone else. We should shut our mouths, mind our own business and allow these other nations to be brutal dictatorships if that is what they choose to be. Of course, this happens after the United States has given billions of dollars to these wretchedly poor countries.

Barack Obama served his eight years. He spent the bulk of his time in office informing the rest of the world that the United States is so apologetic for our centuries of sin against mother earth and her citizens. He bowed to dictators, he kneeled to Islamic terrorists, and he shipped billions of dollars to nations who hate Israel and America. He crushed our energy supplies by shutting down coal mines and coal-fired power plants. He took over our healthcare industry to begin the process of socialized medicine. He expanded our welfare state and set us up for socialism, but he needed one or two more terms to accomplish all of this. 

Enter Joe Biden:

If anyone knew the mental state (other than his wife Jill and immediate family) of Joe Biden, it would be Barack Obama. All Obama had to do was to get Biden elected, then the master plan of bringing down the United States could be completed. Biden could play President, while Obama ran the show from behind the green curtain. And this is precisely what is transpiring.

Currently, some 60% of Joe Bidens Cabinet worked for Barack Obama. This doesn't include his Oval Office and West Wing staff, mainly former Obama employees, including his top advisors such as Susan Rice. In effect, our nation is being managed by a shadow Presidency of Barack Obama. 

To prove my point, why else would Joe Biden shut down our entire oil industry in favor of shipping tens of billions of dollars back to the Islamic nations in the Middle East? This act alone is economically crushing our country. It is causing incredible inflation and bankrupting the middle-class in America. Why else would Biden fast track getting our country off fossil fuels in favor of the ludicrous dream of "green energy," knowing this is an impossibility at this time?

Continuing the destruction, Joe Biden made it clear in many speeches that he is "fundamentally transforming" (there are those words again) our nation by importing tens of millions of foreign nationals. This is why our borders are open, and we are shelling out billions upon billions of dollars in welfare checks to these people to come into our country illegally.

Let's play Jen Psaki (Bidens' former Press Secretary) and "circle-back" for a moment. Who was the principal force behind Barack Obama's meteoric rise to prominence in the United States political scene? It was none other than George Soros. He almost single-handily funded Obama's rise to State Senator, then United States Senator, then the Presidency.

Soros is arguably the greatest threat to the United States sovereignty that we have had since WWII. He is now funding Beto O'Roarke's campaign for Governor of Texas. Why? Simply put, to turn Texas blue. If this happens, we will not elect another Republican in our lifetimes to the White House. 

Please do not misunderstand, and make no mistake, George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden have the same mindset and are working in unison to destroy the United States as we know it. They all have ambitions of being dictators of sorts with an America controlled by the United Nations and a socialist utopia.

Joe Biden is merely the puppet carrying the water. 

By Ken Crow



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