Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, suburbs switching to Republican

Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, suburbs switching to Republican

America's Voice Admin
October 7, 2022

Over 1 million Democrats have switched to the Republican Party nationwide in the past year and the majorities are Hispanics, Asians, and Black Americans primarily in the suburbs according to several national polls, including Gallup.  Over 100 women, 100 Hispanics, and 100 Black Americans are running for congress as Republicans pointing to the trend.

Cassy Garcia, a Hispanic Latina announced, “The Red Wave is here.  Now more than ever Hispanics feel a genuine sense of belonging with the GOP. We know Hispanics are conservative on social issues.  We’re pro-life and pro-gun.  We want lower taxes, religious freedom, and school choice. Another Hispanic woman switched saying there is a “huge shift” of voters rejecting leftist policies one by one.

The growing use of “Latinx” as a gender-neutral alternative to Latino or Latina is one such example of the Democratic Party’s cultural liberalism. The term is accepted by only 3 percent of Hispanics and many have never even heard of the term, polling data shows

Republican Mayra Flores became the first Mexican-born congresswoman after she won a congressional district that has voted Democrat for the past 150 years.  

Flores herself had similar feelings, suggesting the Hispanic community places a strong emphasis on “God, family, and country,” as well as “jobs, jobs, and more jobs.”

“Liberals have taken our community for granted for too long and think that by pandering to us, with such terms as Latinx, playing Spanish music or seeing us as tacos, it will help them— It is not, and they are just waking up to that reality. Buena Suerte [good luck] with that!” she added.

Dania Alexandrino, a radio host, said, “Latinos are fed up. The Democratic Party prostitutes the vote of the Hispanic population.  They use it, they abuse it, and then they discard it.  They do it every single election cycle.”

Asian Americans are also taking a look at the Republican Party.  According to the Daily Caller Report, “The tide is turning, and there is a shift in their communities toward the Republican Party.”  Lily Tang Williams, a New Hampshire Republican Congressional candidate, agreed to state, “Wokeism (tells Asians) ‘hey, your color is not black enough.”  Asian Americans feel that school discrimination has been front and center issue for Asian-American voters regarding school acceptance and Democrat Party has been taking them for granted for too long.

Black Americans have been taken for granted longer than any racial group.  While the Democrat Party is rooted in the founding of the KKK, a majority of Black Americans continued to vote Democrat.  Yet, only 32 percent of Black Americans identify themselves as liberal creating an opportunity for the Republican Party to reach out to Black America.  The Black Exit Movement, called Blexit, created by Candace Owens, a black conservative, is leading the charge.

Hunter Weathers, a black conservative stated, “I think that African Americans are starting to want to see a change in their communities.  This is something that the Democrat Party has been telling African Americans but not delivering. Black conservatives just lay out the issue going on in these communities and are trying to find ways to fix them.”

In 2020, President Donald Trump tripled the percentage of Black Americans who voted for him in 2016.  The primary reason was that Trump had worked to help Black America, and had the highest work participation rate for all racial groups as an advocate for school choice to provide more opportunities for all Americans.

In each case, the Hispanic, Asian, and African American communities have voted for Democrats in the past, promised a full-course meal, and only delivered the appetizers with empty promises each election cycle.  The Republican Party has put together policies like school choice to provide incentives to every race to leave failing schools to provide these communities the opportunities to achieve success and live the American dream.

While the Red Wave is coming this November politically for Republicans, a Red Tsunami could very well be more and more Hispanics, Asians, and Black Americans leaving the Democrat plantation and being welcomed into the Republican Party.

“I’m their worst nightmare. They claim to be for immigrants.  I’m an immigrant.  They claim to be for women. I’m a woman. They claim to be for people of color. I’m someone of color. Yet, I don’t feel the love.  I am the Democrats' worst nightmare!! –Congresswoman Mayra Flores.

By: Frank Aquila


Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at mantecarepublicans@yahoo.com