Do You Need Anymore Proof that Biden is Controlled By China?

Do You Need Anymore Proof that Biden is Controlled By China?

America's Voice Admin
August 1, 2022

Three points need to be made: 

  • Most nations do not threaten other countries by shooting down a diplomat's airplane when that diplomat is paying a state visit. 
  • For a country such as China to announce to the world such a threat as to shoot down Nancy Pelosi's flight means they are stone-cold dead serious.
  • For China to do this also means that they have enormous leverage over our nation's President. 

Many will claim that China is only blustering, and "don't worry, they are not serious." The question then needs to be asked, "since when have you seen China B. S. about something this serious?" China is not Kim Jong Un or North Korea. China does not have a sense of humor, nor do they invest much time in assuaging you. Chinese diplomats typically get to the point and state their case, and that is the end of the conversation. You can live with it or die with it on your mind.

Yesterday, Hu Xijin put out the message for the world to read on Twitter that China would view a state visit from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan as an "INVASION" OF TAIWAN." This is according to the Washington Free Beacon. If this story is accurate, then it means a couple of things. 

  1. Hu Xijin did not go rogue and arbitrarily put this message out. He is an official within the Chinese Communist Party. They don't go rogue and issue state positions without permission. Something at this level would have been approved by Chinese President Xi. 
  2. This being the case, then this issue is extremely calculating, and China wouldn't say this unless they know their threats will cause America to back down, thus further humiliating our nation.

Ask Yourself This: 

China's threats to shoot down a diplomatic aircraft is virtually unprecedented. In fact, the mere threat could almost be a declaration of war in and of itself. Now we must ask, so where does China get off sending a warning shot across the bow of America? What sort of leverage do they have that gives them such confidence in making threats such as this? 

We are back to Hunter Biden's laptop computer: 

Those who have known what is on this infamous laptop computer have known all along that this day would come when China would this information for blackmail and leverage purposes over our country.

Those who know what is on this computer have been horrified and shocked when they viewed its contents. One anonymous source (who I spoke with) who did view the contents told me that videos are on this computer of Hunter committing unspeakable sex acts with very young (preteen) girls while in China. Then, of course, we have all seen the photos of Hunter lighting the crack pipe while appearing disheveled and stoned. However, when viewing the laptop, you can watch the entire video of him smoking and then passing out in a bathtub. This is only the beginning of what's on this computer. 

In recent weeks, it has come out that the FBI and NSA have known all along that this computer contained very damning evidence against both Hunter and Joe Biden over Quid Pro Quo deals made with the Chinese government to have access to our levels of government when Biden was Vice-President. We now know that the FBI began a coverup (no doubt at the direction of Biden himself) to shelve this computer in order to protect Hunter from prosecution.

Knowing that the Chinese are holding this information for extortion purposes makes our President compromised with the Communist Chinese Government.

That is the only explanation for China getting all or nearly all of the trade sanctions, tariffs, and taxes dropped almost instantly upon Biden entering the White House. This is also the only rational explanation for China feeling as though they can make incredible threats of shooting down a diplomat's airplane flying an American flag.


Having the nation of China so overtly threaten the United States with war if we intercede on behalf of Taiwan (even just meeting with the Taiwanese government) means that our President has become a national security risk for the safety and sovereignty of our country as well as our allied nations.

By definition, this means that our President is a liability to the stability of our nation and the safety of 340 million of our citizens. 

The Congress, Senate, and or the Cabinet must remove Joe Biden from the Presidency now before it is too late. 

By Ken Crow


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