Can the United States and Free World Survive Another 3-Years of Joe Biden and His Radical Agenda?

Can the United States and Free World Survive Another 3-Years of Joe Biden and His Radical Agenda?

America's Voice Admin
January 18, 2022

If you happen to be one of those types that has your ear to the ground of “everything political,” then you probably already know this. 

When Joe Biden won the election a little over a year ago, political gurus across the world “cringed” in fear, for they knew what was coming. We knew Biden had taken enormous paydays via his son Hunter from various foreign governments. These paydays came in the form of appointments to Boards of Director positions for Hunter (who had no experience) with huge seven-digit paychecks or honorarium attached to the positions. 

In simple language and an even simpler explanation, Joe Biden (when serving as Vice-President) under President Barack Obama was selling access to the office of the Vice-President via sending Hunter out to sell this access. We know this because of Hunter’s boondoggle with his leaving his personal laptop computers lying around at computer repair shops and forgetting them.

To say this was and is highly unethical and very likely illegal would be an understatement.

At the very least, it is unethical, and the worst, it now puts (since his being elected) Joe Biden in a position of tremendous weakness on the world stage. Anytime China wants to misbehave, and Biden says anything publically, China reminds him that they own his soul, and the fact is, they do. “You say anything counter to our desires, and we release our copy of the events on your son’s computer, and we publically shame you, and you get prosecuted.” I am pretty sure this is the Chinese government’s message for Joe and his staff.

The same is most likely true with the Russian government holding payoff evidence against Hunter involving the several Baltic States. And now we see the results of all of the above.

Tens of Millions of citizens of free states such as Taiwan and Ukraine are now in peril and being threatened because of Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s corruption. 

A hundred thousand Russian troops and hundreds of tanks and other artillery are now poised on the border of Ukraine, ready at a moment’s notice to swamp that nation and retake it for the Russian empire. 

If you thought for a moment that Joe Biden’s foreign policies were his only failing, think again. But for the sake of conversation, one has to ask the question, “is he really failing, or is this all by design?” Take his idea that voters are being suppressed and his overwhelming need to “redesign our voting rights” across the land. Watch this video, but before you do, you may want to take a shot of something strong to calm your anger. 

If his sleazy approach to seizing our rights under the Constitution were not bad enough (regarding our voting process), now he wants to label you as a “Domestic Terrorist” if you disagree with him. That’s right, patriots!

You own a gun and support conservatism; you’re now a domestic terrorist. You disagree with the Democrat platform; you’re a domestic terrorist. You served in the military, you believe in Jesus Christ, own a gun, go hunting, you’re really a threat to our nation under Joe Biden’s new Domestic Terrorism Agency. This is likely the most frightening opening monologue that Tucker Carlson has ever given. 

As if this isn’t bad enough, now Joe Biden, through executive fiat, is going to handcuff our nation’s police departments. 

One has to be asking themselves, “how much more are the American citizens willing to take?” 

What will be the match that strikes, which lights the bonfire and the exploding which causes us to descend into an all-out civil rebellion? Another analogy would be, what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

Will it be hunger? Americans are beginning to see grocery store shelves with huge empty spaces. Empty grocery store shelves have not been seen in this country since the 1930s and the Great Depression. In addition, the prices of what is on the shelves are beginning to rise dramatically. Over the past several months, we have seen produce prices (when you can get produce) jump significantly. Meat prices have escalated at an almost alarming rate. Even in agricultural areas such as my home state of Iowa, I have seen a T-bone steak go from $12.00 a pound to over $18.99 a pound for that same steak just in the past couple of months. In the Northeastern States, the costs are even higher. 

Biden and company will, of course, blame the pandemic for these issues. In reality, there are other reasons for this sudden supply problem. The first is the extraordinary price increase of fuel to run the big trucks that haul our produce. Believe it or not, the second issue is labor. Because of Biden’s willingness to pay people more than they were earning when working, not surprisingly, they have decided to stay home. This means that much of our produce is going bad in the fields prior to it being harvested.

As an example, my daughter manages a winery in the Napa Valley in Northern California. A few years ago, she had no labor issues in obtaining employees to work and harvest grapes. Today? They are losing a good portion of their harvest of precious grapes for this particular vineyard, and the winery produces very expensive wine.

Over the past year-plus, Americans have tolerated much. The question now becomes, how much more are they willing to tolerate? With rights being stripped, manufactured inflation, energy costs rising needlessly, and now grocery prices skyrocketing and empty shelves, how much more? How much more before citizens begin saying “enough is enough?” How much more before these patriots send a resounding message to Capitol Hill and the White House that “they ain’t taking it anymore?” I suspect the tea leaves are beginning to show, “not much.” 

America, we must retake Michigan and turn it red to win back the White House. I am encouraging all patriots to visit this great candidate’s website and contribute if you can. He is a stellar individual, impeccably honest, and a fighter for our nation.