Can Congress Prevent Biden from Starting WWIII with Russia over Ukraine?

Can Congress Prevent Biden from Starting WWIII with Russia over Ukraine?

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February 20, 2023

Is Hunter Biden's Laptop Costing America Billions and Possibly Lives?

For the United States, the war between Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Ukraine’s President Zelensky is spiraling out of control. At least for America and NATO, this war is beginning to expand and has the potential to become catastrophic in the very near future.

The Rhetoric is Increasing

According to the European publication “The Daily,” on Sunday, Oleksiy Danilov, Kyiv’s National Security and Defence Council boss, is quoted as saying, ” Ukraine’s ‘tanks will be parked on Moscow’s Red Square, and that will be justice’ ahead of the first anniversary of Putin’s invasion.” 

In addition to referring to Putin as “Hitlers-Twin,” Oleksiy Danilov pledged that Ukraine would expel all Russians from Ukraine’s soil as well as Crimea. Danilov’s claim that “we didn’t start this war; we didn’t invite them here” can actually be debated. In fact, it was Putin who had told Ukraine for years to “drop the issue of joining NATO,” or there would be repercussions. Only after Zelensky became President and Joe Biden won the White House would the pressure be put on NATO to allow Ukraine to join. Up until then, U. S. President Donald Trump had been able to keep Putin satisfied (regarding Ukraine), and Trump had told Ukraine, “you will not be joining NATO.” 

Not to “defend” Putin, but to understand his reasoning, the logistics need to be understood. The Ukrainian border to Moscow is only 230 miles. From Kyiv (or Kiev) to Moscow is only a little over 500 miles. Putin knew that if Ukraine (and Zelensky) could join NATO, then Ukraine would have almost undoubtedly installed short-range missile systems which could threaten Moscow, and Russia would have almost zero response time to defend itself. 

While Poland is a member of NATO, there is a buffer of Belarus between this NATO nation and Russia. To the North, Estonia and Latvia (while being members of NATO) have never shown any aggression toward Moscow, nor do these tiny nations want any trouble with Russia. 

Vladimir Putin knows that most of NATO’s forces are stationed in Poland and Germany. These nations, while being powerful (in military terms), are still buffered away from Putin’s motherland. Putin also knew that “if” Zelensky were to join NATO officially, he would most likely move to retake Crimea which Russia had annexed back in 2014.

To get an idea of just how horrific the situation is for the Ukraine people, CBS 60-Minutes had a segment on Sunday night which tells the tale of Russia’s destruction of the Ukrainian cities. 

At this point, several questions need to be asked, and several points need to be made.

  • After Zelensky went public with his desire to join NATO and Putin warned him not to do so, why did Zelensky keep pushing the issue? He knew full well that Putin would not allow this to happen without severe consequences. 
  • Putin had repeatedly told the world that he wanted Ukraine to remain a free state, then why did Zelensky feel the need to keep pressuring the United States and NATO to join? 

It is crystal clear that Russia is no longer “fighting around the edges.” They (meaning Russia) is about to get very serious and put this war to bed once and for all. Yes, war is hell! Often it is the civilians who feel the brunt of war. 

Russia has almost completed its build-up on the Eastern Front. As the Daily Mail article stated, Russia has amassed an arsenal of nearly 4,000 armored vehicles, 1800 tanks, 500,000 ground troops, over 400 fighter jets, and some 300 bombers. They are about to wreak havoc on Ukraine, and there is nearly nothing the United States can do to stop it without creating WWIII literally.

Is Joe Biden so compromised by officials within the Ukraine government that he is willing to put America up against an Army and fighting force such as what Russia is about to unleash on Ukraine?     

Keep in mind that in the past year, Biden has sent over $100-Billion to Ukraine in cash and weapons. And as of now, we know where precious little of that actually went. Ukraine, “historically speaking,” is extremely corrupt. How much of our aid (and taxpayer dollars) have ended up in Swiss bank accounts for Zelensky and his cronies? It is anyone’s guess, as America has not put any safeguards in place to monitor the flow of American dollars. 

Deja-Vu Vietnam and Afghanistan

Just as in Vietnam and Afghanistan, the United States is being sucked into a non-winnable situation whereby it is costing our nation unbelievable amounts of money and possibly bloodshed. 

To date, the United States invested over $900-Billion over 20 years into Afghanistan and hundreds of billions into Vietnam. All for what? In both cases, we left with our tails between our legs and won nothing. 

For the United States to go to Ukraine (because this is the only way to stop what’s about to happen) and fight a war with Russia (non-nuclear) is almost unwinnable on their soil. The fact is, Russia has an arsenal of over 10,000 tanks, 1000 fighter jets (and yes, many are comparable to ours), and over a million-man army. Do we really want to fight this?

It is time for Congress to hold hearings regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop computer and expose what’s on it to the world. It is time for Congress to intervene before this escalates any further and becomes too costly for our nation.

When you connect the dots, it is patently obvious that Zelensky is holding a hammer over Joe Biden, and he is extorting everything he can from the United States. Zelensky knows full well that when Russia finally gets serious about this war (which they are about to do), he cannot possibly win. And if he did, the bulk of his country will be permanently destroyed along with most of his civilian population. Is this really what we want to be involved in? 

America, we need to call Congressman Jim Jordan and implore him to open hearings on Hunter and Joe Biden and this infamous laptop computer. His phone number is; (202) 225-2676

Added 2/20/2023 9:50 AM CST    

The Daily Beast is now reporting that while Biden is in Ukraine, Chinese officials are in Moscow signing paperwork to resupply Russia with arms for their war with Ukraine. 

By RAV Contributor, Ken Crow


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