Biden's Border Policies Are Responsible for the Deaths in Uvalde

Biden's Border Policies Are Responsible for the Deaths in Uvalde

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May 31, 2022

The deaths of children and teachers in the Uvalde school shooting are directly linked to the Biden Border Invasion.

There has been little mention in corporate media that the school district in the small town of Uvalde, Texas, has been locked down at least 48 times this year due to law enforcement pursuits of illegal aliens and human smugglers. 

Where is the FBI? How many lockdowns does a school district have to go through until the federal government realizes there is something majorly wrong here? 

The politicized FBI spends untold resources fishing into the lives of anyone with the last name Trump and anyone who went to DC on January 6th, but a school that has been locked down dozens of times over the course of a few months is of no concern. 

The FBI is now investigating the police response to the shooting in Uvalde. Where were they when the school was under threat dozens of times in recent months?

The Justice Department recently paid out $127.5 million to Parkland families because they ignored the threat until after children died in that 2018 school shooting. 

The corporate media glossed over that story just as they have barely mentioned the fact that the Uvalde school district lives in a state of persistent lockdown from border threats. 

Neither of those stories fit the leftist narrative that Second Amendment supporters and their guns are to blame for shootings so the corporate media has little need to report them. 

In fact, the FBI has repeatedly ignored threats to American children and the corporate media is ignoring this corruption because the DOJ targets the political enemies of the leftist media. 

Years from now the Justice Department will release its findings on the events surrounding the Uvalde shooting and government payouts will likely be made just as they were at Parkland. No one will be fired, just as they weren’t in the admission of wrongdoing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, and U.S. taxpayers will foot the bill.

What we know now about the events leading up to the Uvalde shooting is that students, teachers, and staff had become desensitized and clearly shrugged off the lockdown as another border threat not related to the school. 

Teachers and staff at Robb Elementary had been trained and had a detailed plan to protect from threats like a school shooter, but the school was locked down so frequently that lockdowns had become a sort of joke. 

Where the hell was the FBI? Where was the U.S. Department of Education? Where were the demands that school children be kept safe? Where were the demands from our “public servants” in DC that the border must be secured to protect American children?

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By Gina Loudon