Are the Democrats Intentionally Sabotaging Joe Biden's 2024 Re-Election?

Are the Democrats Intentionally Sabotaging Joe Biden's 2024 Re-Election?

America's Voice Admin
January 20, 2023

Forget any "conspiracy theories" regarding President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. 

For Biden, there has never been a better example than the old-adage; "If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck, it likely is a duck and not a moose."

We on the right like to poke fun at Democrats and frequently become angry with them. However, the fact is, the Democrat Party may be everything we accuse them of and much more, but the one thing they are not "is stupid." Politically speaking, the Democrats are brilliant at marketing, spinning, and attacking Republicans, to which we rarely have a coherent response. 

As the 2024 Presidential campaign slowly begins, we are watching a very muddy picture of "who" may or may not be running for the coveted title; "President of the United States." For the Republican side of the aisle, several 'potential' candidates have made pitstops in Iowa and New Hampshire to stick their big toe in the campaign waters. Former Vice-President Mike Pence, former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Maryland Governor Hogan, and a dark horse from Arkansas, the former Governor Asa Hutchinson, have made stops in Iowa. 

As winter turns to spring, Iowa begins hosting large "farm implement" shows, along with the "pork-producers" convention, the ethanol growers, and many more events in which both Republican and Democrat hopefuls will make appearances to woo this first in the nation-state.

As the list of GOP presidential "wannabees" grows, so is the list of potential Democrat Party hopefuls. A first-term incumbent President is commonly assumed to be that party's nominee. NOT THIS TIME! Why, one might ask? 

The Democrats know full well that President Joe Biden is in deep political trouble. The list is long as to 'why' he is in murky political waters. The first is that the new Congressional House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has publicly stated that he will hold hearings on Biden's son Hunter's infamous laptop computer and his connections to Ukraine and China. These hearings will undoubtedly uncover controversial topics at the very least and possibly crimes such as "pay for play" and even treason if rumors about the contents of this laptop computer are accurate. These charges would certainly "DOOM" any chance for Biden and the Democrats to win re-election. 

Then we have Biden's "failure" or rather "orchestrated" border policies which have allowed millions of illegal aliens to flood our border. Biden's border policy is a hot flash point for most voters, and the Democrats know this. But none of these subjects or rather campaign talking points rise to the level of Biden's latest fiasco. That being his harboring "Classified Documents," which should have been turned over "long ago" to the National Archives. 

Rumors on top of rumors on top of more rumors have begun circulating as to "how and why" these revelations have come to light. This brings up the subject of 'why could the President not keep this under wraps?' 

A large part of Biden's problem was that it was "his legal staff" who first leaked the news of the classified documents (from his years as Vice-President) to the media. At this point, one needs to ask the question, why? Why would Joe Biden's lawyers leak such a volatile issue in the wake of former President Trump's classified document issues and problems?

To compound Biden's problems, classified documents from his tenure as Vice-President have been found at his offices in the Penn-Biden complex, his personal garage in a storage closet at his residence, and even in the White House. 

A couple of differences between President Trump's document problem and Biden's issues are this. President Trump had declassified his documents. As President, he is legally entitled to do this. Joe Biden was holding classified documents which had not been "DECLASSIFIED," and as Vice-President, he could not legally declassify anything. This presents a major legal challenge for Biden. 

To rub more salt in the political wounds for Biden, many of these documents were found in his garage at his primary residence in Delaware, where (it is rumored) he was holding meetings with foreign officials. When it was requested that visitor logs be produced as "who Biden" was visiting with at his home, the Secret Service claimed no logs existed and did not keep records. Anyone who knows anything about Secret Service protocol would know that this is likely not the truth. The reason is you cannot get within a country mile of a President or Vice-President without the Secret Service performing a criminal background check. Anyone visiting the Vice-President at his private home would have gone through a background check; therefore, there should be records of this. Again, Jim Jordan will likely be holding hearings on this issue as well. 

With these many allegations, revelations, and political TNT problems for the Democrat Party and Joe Biden, it is most likely that the rumors are true; the Party needs to extract itself from this President if they ever hope to win back the White House or the Senate in 2024. 

The only remaining question is; how does this occur? Will the Democrats "throw" Biden to the Republican wolves and allow him to be impeached for his relationships with China and the 10% for the Big Guy? Will they (meaning Democrats) "covertly aid and abet" the Republicans with information (because this is what it currently appears to be) to compel Biden to step aside and resign, thus making Kamala Harris President? 

Stay tuned, and grab the popcorn; this will become very entertaining in the weeks and months ahead. Meanwhile, I am confident that we will see Mayor Pete make many trips to Iowa and New Hampshire. 

By Ken Crow, RAV Contributor